chocolateCHAT| Cynthia Mort, director for Nina Simone movie, just got called out in a PUBLIC letter!

In true Nina spirit, Aaron Overfield, content manager for, just released an public letter saying what we were all thinking and even let us into some details we didn’t know. After reading the letter I am honestly more upset and have officially made the decision to boycott this movie. Foolishness won’t be supported.

The letter is long but worth reading if you are a fan or even remotely concerned.

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Cares About Nina Simone:

I’m writing this letter to anyone who cares about Nina Simone: her legacy, her artistry, her spirit, her genius, her music, her activism, everything. If you care at all about Nina Simone — even if you’ve only heard a few of her songs — then this letter is for you. If you’re here reading this, it’s for you.

I won’t waste time writing to Cynthia Mort or Zoe Saldana and releasing the words out into the public sphere for the chance they might cross paths, because even if that were the case the words would mean nothing to them. What they are creating proves those words would mean nothing, so why waste my breath (or finger taps)? They will not listen.

The issues surrounding this unauthorized film depicting Nina Simone, which we might as well call a biopic since they are naming the thing Nina, are complex, multilayered, and multifaceted. The discussions of the issues are as complex as they are controversial; however, they are important conversations to have and keep having. The most frustrating people are the ones who imply everyone should just shut up and “wait and see” or “leave them alone.” That kind of attitude and oppression is not in the spirit of Nina Simone whatsoever. Quite the opposite. Nina was vocal, defiant, a warrior, an activist. She would not have simply shut up and sat down. She would’ve shown up at the studio with a shotgun to speak with Ms. Mort and slapped the makeup off Zoe. So let’s get that straight first. We’re going to talk about this and those of us with strong, impassioned opinions are going to express them.

**To finish reading Mr. Overfield’s passionate and moving letter click here <—-

After reading the letter how do you feel?  Comment below

One thought on “chocolateCHAT| Cynthia Mort, director for Nina Simone movie, just got called out in a PUBLIC letter!

  1. Totally agree!!! I don’t believe that Nina Simone would think Zoe Saldana in all this ridiculous “black-face” make-up, silly fake protruding lips, prosthetic nose and afro wig is a good fit to portray her likeness…What about Adepero Oduye, Viola Davis, Alfr
    e Woodard, Whoopi Goldberg, Akosua Busia, just to name a few. I’m a Zoe Saldana fan in her other movies (Not this one), but a bigger Nina Simone fan. Plus Nina was a curvaceous sista and was so proud of ALL of her black features and sang about it in her songs. “My skin is black, My arms are long, My hair is woolly, My back is strong, Strong enough to take the pain inflicted again and again, What do they call me, My name is AUNT SARAH, My name is Aunt Sarah!” – Nina Simone “Four Women” You do this mess for a stunt double, not a lead actress!!

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